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Our Story

City girl marry farmer....

In 2009 we bought raw land covered in pine trees, rocks and red clay and began the task of taming nature.

Within a year we made the leap; moving from Atlanta into an unfinished cabin, living off-grid, and planted our first garden. 

Our Farm

Working non-stop, we now have about 2 acres under crops & irrigation. We have a greenhouse for seedlings, lots of raised beds and several hoop houses to extend our growing season.

We irrigate with water from our own natural spring. All vegetables & herbs, berries & fruits are non-GMO and heirloom varieties.

Our Animals

Our laying hens are pastured, giving us rich healthy brown eggs every day.

Our pigs are raised in a natural environment where they root and roll in the mud, allowing us to enjoy the most succulent pork.

We also raise rabbits, sheep, and occasion broilers for personal consumption. They live a happy loving life, cared for, spoiled and ultimately we are thankful that they feed our family.

Most of all, none of our animals are raised on hormones or antibiotics. Ever.